Jazz Cerkno is one of the most known Jazz festivals in Slovenia. What makes it special is that it is located in a small town called Cerkno outside of cultural centres, and still, it has gained huge success. The fact that big financial institutions do not back it up but rather enthusiastic local people gives the festival a valuable example of how cooperative social involvement can enrich the local and broader community. The multi-media sound installation “sononyms” takes inspiration from this community spirit and tradition by combining the Jazz Cerkno concert archive with sound recordings of old objects from the Cerkno museum. The sound materials of both archives have been analysed and disassembled with different sound techniques, such as spectral, concatenative and granular, and then composed into a new unique sound entity. The whole installation is entirely based on the different MIDI implementations. MIDI handles all the key parts of the installation, such as data sonification, MIDI to DMX light integration, custom sysex led display of data, a multichannel speaker control solution and an advanced MPE integration. 


The sound installation features some advanced custom software developed by the installation author Andrej Kobal and Boštjan Pirnar. These are the GranuRise granular synth, one of the finalists of the 2020 MIDI Innovation Awards and an advanced MPE polyphonic sequencer seqMPEror which was presented as a prototype at the last MIDI Awards and is now released.

seqMPEror (seq-emperor) is polyphonic and fully MIDI MPE compatible sequencer. Enjoy complex sequencing with ease. Augment your musical ideas in a fun way. Explore creative, non-linear, non-repetitive, expressive and innovative polyphonic MPE gestural adventure.

GranuRise is Max Msp and Max for Live granular synth, based on a non-conventional creative synthesis and sample modules that enables immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex morphing sound structures intuitively.

Advanced data sonification through Emobdme’s EREA Touch MPE controller.

Advanced data sonification through Emobdme’s EREA Touch MPE controller.

Original announcement

sononyms – Andrej Kobal

Sound installation / performance
28. Jazz Cerkno 2023 | Accompanying program
May 18-20 between 10:00 and 20:00
Cerkno Museum

Performance: Thursday, May 18, at 18:00 and Saturday, May 20, at 18:30.

Andrej Kobal’s sound installation consists of two parts: the permanent sound installation and the sound performance. Kobal has set against each other sounds from two different archives, both of which originate from Cerkno: sound recordings of old objects from the museum and recordings from the festival since 2000. With the help of modern sound techniques, he analyzed and disassembled the recordings and composed a new sound entity. The resulting work also has a socio-cultural charge, as the Cerkno museum (heritage and tradition) and Jazz Cerkno (modern sounds) are brought together in harmony. Kobal is active in many fields, from original compositions to writing for film and theater, to sound design and developing music applications. His GranuRise virtual instrument has received worldwide acclaim and was named one of the 10 finalists in the 2020 MIDI Innovation Awards.

Co-production with the Idrija Municipal Museum.

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